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So in [community profile] xavier_institute, Krista's superpower is psychic manipulation, with 3 main abilities (2 of which are currently active):

Emotional Manipulation: Exactly what it says on the tin. Usable at a distance, but more effective when she's got a connection to someone, whether that's friendship or just touch and eye contact. Difficult to detect if she's making small changes, but not so much if she's making dramatic ones.

Memory Manipulation: Can erase or restore memories, including ones that were suppressed naturally or by a psychic other than her (assuming they're not much more powerful.) I will NOT use this power on player characters without asking specifically in each instance or at other players' request.

Empathy: Currently dormant, otherwise what it says on the tin. She could in theory sense others' emotions at a range of up to a football field or so away, but it's not happening anytime soon.

What I'd like to hear from other players:

Can Krista manipulate your character's emotions?
If she ever unlocks her empathy, can Krista read your character's emotions?

You can also use this post to opt-out of being affected by her powers in general, or to request Memory Shenanigans.


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